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How to Take Care of Your Teak Wood Patio Furniture

How to Take Care of Your Teak Wood Patio Furniture

Posted by AquaTeak on 5th Jun 2018

If you have invested in teak wood patio furniture, or you have been browsing our Outdoor Catalog, the good news is that although it may have been slightly more expensive than it’s plastic, wicker, metal, or alternative wood counterparts, it is well worth it! Unlike these other materials, teak wood is weather resistant and able to withstand the pressures of the environment, all while retaining its original beauty. Plastic, over time, begins to fade in the sun and can become warped in the heat. Wicker becomes weathered and can begin to degrade over time. While metal can withstand Mother Nature’s brutality, it can also begin to rust, not to mention it has to be covered with fabric pads to make it comfortable! Wood has been a staple for patio furniture for centuries, but many woods begin to fade, crack, swell, or warp over time and exposure. While some of these distortions can be prevented, teak wood does not require treatments and upkeep to prevent weathering and warping. Teak wood is naturally weather and water proof and ale to withstand even the most extreme wet, freezing, or hot weather. That makes teak the ideal wood for patio furniture.

To ensure that your teak wood keeps its original beauty, you may have to do some minor maintenance every now and again. Here, we will discuss how to keep your teak wood patio furniture looking new for decades to come!

Keep the Aesthetic, Youthful Look

Teak wood is naturally a very durable wood. When the wood is fresh, it may appear a golden color, and over time, it darkens. If you have purchased the darker, mocha, versions or teak wood furniture, you do not have to worry about your wood changing color. For the younger, lighter wood, it may change color over time, which is natural and does not indicate there is a problem with the wood, but rather that is authentic! If you want to slow the change, you can use teak sealer annually. Teak seal will create a barrier that prevents the natural fading. If you decide that you would like to allow the wood to change color naturally, simply discontinue applying teak sealer.

Teak oil will give your teak wood a nice, attractive glow. Unlike other wood polish, teak oil is made especially for teak wood furniture. However, it is important to not overuse teak oil as your teak wood may become dependent on the externally applied oil to look healthy rather than depending on its own internal oil. Only use a small amount of teak oil and only when your teak wood appears weathered or dull from exposure. Just a very small amount will restore the wood’s original appearance, so there is no need to slather it on! Excess moisture on your wood furniture also discourages people to enjoy the furniture for fear of getting oil on their clothes and the moisture can promote mold or mildew growth that natural teak wood is otherwise resistant to.

How to Clean Teak Patio Furniture

Teak wood is incredibly durable and low maintenance. Although you will need to periodically clean your teak patio furniture, it will not need to be a weekly occurrence. You should only clean your teak wood when it appears weathered or dingy. Factors that can make this occur are a long, snowy winter, furniture that is poolside and gets splashed with chlorinated pool water, and furniture that is hit by the sprinkler or exposed to frequent, periodic rain. Water spots, while harmless, can make your patio furniture appear dull. To quickly remedy this and bring your teak wood back to life, simply use a non-metallic brush or sponge to gently scrub the surface of the wood with either dish soap or special teak wood cleaner. Always scrub in the direction of the wood grain and don’t apply much force. Once scrubbed, simply rinse with a hose and then pat dry, allow the furniture to air dry the rest of the moisture.

To remove stains, such as those caused by spilled red wine, scrub in the manner described above while using a commercial teak wood cleaning product. If the stain has already settled into the wood, you can lightly sand the stained area. For water spots caused by hard-water buildup, you can use a small amount of vinegar mixed with water instead of soap to clean the spots off of your furniture.

Teak wood is a very dense, naturally oily wood that is valued for its ability to endure years of exposure to moisture from humidity, rain, and snow, in addition to extreme heat and wind. Teak wood is also naturally resistant to mold and termites. All of these features make teak wood the ideal wood for outdoor patio furniture. With some minor maintenance, your teak wood patio furniture should be just as beautiful when your grandchildren inherit it as it is right now. Browse our entire line of teak wood patio furniture at AquaTeak today!