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Sustainably-Sourced Teak Wood Furniture

AquaTeak highly regards environmental stewardship which is why we only use teak wood sustainably harvested from government-regulated teak wood plantations in Indonesia.


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Peace of Mind Comes With Sustainable and Ethical Teak Wood

Feel confident in your purchase with AquaTeak and know that when you buy teak furniture from us, it’s always responsibly sourced.
AquaTeak sources all of its teak wood from government-regulated teak plantations in Indonesia.
This is vital because the government oversees and executes strict regulations regarding the size, age, and number of trees that are used each harvest, in addition to coordinating a sustainable replanting program.

Is Teak Wood Sustainable?

Because our teak is regulated from plantations in Indonesia, specifically for commercial and industrial use, it’s not being taken from natural forests. Plantation teak is harvested and replanted to continue a sustainable cycle and eco-friendly supply of teak wood.

Why else is teak an eco-conscious choice?

Teak wood is naturally pest-resistant which lends itself to not having to use chemicals and insecticides. Additionally, teak wood thrives in the natural ecosystem of Indonesia, so heavy irrigation and/or fertilizer use doesn’t have to be incorporated for its growth, making it an eco-friendly option.

AquaTeak’s Product Certifications

AquaTeak’s products are certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the world’s most trusted forest certification system. Our products meet the most stringent environmental, economic, and social standards for responsible forest management.

SVLK verification is required by Indonesian law for all wood exporters from Indonesia.

To further our commitment to protecting the environment, we contribute to TerraPass. TerraPass provides services that offset our company's carbon footprint.This lowers our environmental impact from customer service to product creation.