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Teak Care: 3 Easy Steps to Maintaining your Teak Shower Chair

Posted by Brandon on 11th Nov 2014

Has your teak shower chair started to lose its luster? A quick search yields many confused customers questioning why their shower stool is losing color. AquaTeak understands your concern and we'd like to inform you of three easy methods to keep your beautiful shower chair looking brand new:

1.) Dish-washing soap. You're probably thinking, really?  However, a light application of any dish-washing and a quick rinse in warm water quickly eats away stubborn soap scum. A soft-bristle brush will also provide deeper cleaning into the grain. Rinse your teak stool thoroughly to remove any excess residue and let it dry.

2.) Teak Oil. As you use your shower stool, you'll notice the stain start to wear thin. This is perfectly normal, as teak does not naturally contain the rich color and finish our products have. To preserve this finish, a bottle of teak oil will do the trick. Apply minimally to multiple areas and rub in a buffing motion. As you rub, you'll notice the color start to return. It doesn't take very much application to refinish and at around $10 for a quart from any hardware store, one bottle will last you a long time. 

3.) Daily Rinse. You can prevent your shower chair from attracting soap scum by rinsing it thoroughly after each use. A warm shower of water over the surface of the stool will effectively rinse away most soap and prevent it from getting stuck in hard to clean areas. Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your teak stool looking good!

While there are many other methods to maintaining your shower stool, these three simple methods have proven to be successful for many worried customers. 

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