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Making the Shower Safer For Everyone

Posted by AquaTeak on

For most people, the shower is a relaxing place to collect yourself under the stream of hot water. However, for many Americans, the shower becomes a place to be feared in the face of physical disability or normal aging. In this blog, we will highlight some simple ways to help make your shower safer for everyone in your home.

Adjust the thermostat.

For a home that has children, the shower can become unsafe when they accidentally turn the knob too far to the hot side and wind up scalding themselves. While this is not usually a concern with older kids, small children are at risk due to their natural curiosities and their overwhelming need to explore their environments. Water knobs are easy to turn and thus are interesting to small children. It is recommended to lower the temperature on your hot water heater when there are youngsters in the house.

Have something to hold on to.

Showers that have wall handlebars are much safer for everyone. Not only do they provide support for getting in and out of the shower, but they reduce the chances that someone will grab onto a shower curtain or door in the event of a fall. When structures are used to break a fall, it can cause injury to the person as well as damage to your shower. Make the shower safer for everyone by installing a grip bar.

Install safe flooring.

One of the most common causes of shower injury is slips and trips. Where there is water, slick surfaces invite slips. You can help prevent this by using non-slip mats and stickers on top of your tile or ceramic shower flooring. If you opt to use additional non-slip options, be sure to clean with bleach regularly as these are places that invite mold. An alternative is installing custom teak wood floor mats. Made of Indonesian teak wood, this flooring option is naturally mold resistant and is available with rubber feet to help prevent slipping.

Provide seating.

In those with mobility problems, the shower can become especially dangerous and getting into a tub can be impossible. To help improve the comfort and safety of everyone, provide seating in the shower. AquaTeak® teak wood shower benches and stools are perfect for providing safety, comfort, and a look of elegance to any shower. They are available in a variety of sizes and shelving options to optimize any shower space.

Generally, the shower is not a dangerous place, per say. However, there are things you can do to help ensure that your shower is a safe space for everyone who uses it. AquaTeak is proud to be the largest manufacturer of teak wood furniture in the world. While our furniture can be used anywhere, it is best used in showers and bathrooms to help create a beautiful space that is also safer. To improve the safety and comfort of your shower, browse our entire line today!