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Product Features

Rock Solid Teak

Our Rock Solid Teak products are well-crafted designs using thick, solid teak to celebrate the natural beauty of the wood. Our teak furniture and accessories, including the gorgeous teak shower benches and stools, are all guaranteed to last and remain beautiful for years, as only true teak wood furniture can. 


Plantation grown wood

We only use teak wood grown on Indonesian, government-managed plantations. By using only teak that has been milled by the leading producer of teak wood, we can protect the quality level of our own finished products. 

Designed and Manufactured by AquaTeak®

We take deep pride in all of our products we create from the ground up. Eighteen years of product design and manufacturing have given us the knowledge and skill expected from quality teak furniture producers. From start to finsih, our teak furniture and accessories are made to our exacting standards and our unwavering commi®ent to excellence. 

Leveling Feet

On some of our products, including some of our outdoor teak furniture pieces, we have incorporated rust-resistant, stainless steel, leveling feet to adapt to unlevel floors and provide additional stability. 

Gripping rubber Feet

The rubber-padded feet included on our shower benches and bath stools provide both stability and safety for use in the shower or bath. 

Water-draining slot designs

The slots designed into the products help shed water quicker so the product will dry faster. Where teak is highly water-resistant (boat builders in Indonesia use the wood to build water safe vessels), the inclusion of water-draining slots on our teak shower stools, benches and other accessories ensure a more slip-resistant surface.