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Custom Spa Teak Floor Mat

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Teak Wood Floor Mat - Order Your Custom Mat Today! - AquaTeak®

In the world of luxury bathrooms, there is nothing better than teak wood floor mats. Teak wood is prized for its beauty and functionality as well as its durability. All natural teak wood, harvested in Indonesian teak farms, is naturally weather- and waterproof due to the abundance of natural oils. These same oils protect the wood from mold, mildew, and termite infestation. All of these features make teak wood the ideal material for spas, baths, poolside, and for patio furniture in humid climates. When teak wood does begin to appear weathered or shows spotting from hard water, soaps, and lotions, it takes very little care to regain its original beauty.

Teak MatTeak Wood Floor Mats

In addition to any other teak wood shower accessory, the teak floor mat completes the luxurious look and feel every homeowner seeks. AquaTeak® has offered a wide variety of stock sized teak floor mats for years, and is now proud to announce we now make custom teak wood floor mats! Our floor mats are perfect for inside your shower or spa, just outside your shower or tub, poolside, on your deck or patio, or anywhere in your home where having a floor mat could improve.

The benefit of ordering your custom teak floor mat over purchasing a stock mat is that you can have it handcrafted to perfectly fit the space you need, curves and corners included! Whether you want to line your walk-in shower floor or your entire sauna, teak wood mats are perfect. Simply measure the area you want the floor mat to cover and let us custom-make a flawless teak wood bath mat for you!

Custom Teak Wood Floor Mats From AquaTeak®

All of the teak wood floor mats that are crafted by AquaTeak® designers use only authentic Indonesian teak wood harvested with environmentally friendly methods. Each mat is held together with marine-grade stainless steel screws that are countersunk, so all you see and feel is a flawless finish that won't snag or rust. You can choose to have your mat unfinished to enjoy the simple elegance of the natural teak wood or you can select the oiled finish for a more polished look. You can also choose to have a rubber bottom added to ensure there is no slipping.

Care of Your Teak Mat

The natural properties of teak wood make all of our products incredibly low maintenance, and your custom floor mat is no different! Occasionally, especially when you notice hard water sediment buildup or soap scum, you should gently scrub your floor mat with a non-metal scrub brush, in the direction of the wood grain. You can clean with regular house soap, vinegar water, or our special teak wood cleaner. Pat your mat dry of excess water and allow it to air dry thoroughly before applying a very thin coat of teak oil. Visit our product care page for more information.

Order your custom teak wood floor mat today!


Superior craftsmanship. All mats are finished framed NOT exposed slats of wood.